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Transmedia can help you clearly define your long and short term business goals and  help create effective strategies that provide you with the tools you need to accomplish your objectives. Save time, money and aggravation. Let us handle the details of your next marketing project, or get you started on the web and social media. It can be as simple as creating Facebook page or website, or planning a tailored advertising campaign.

Our event expertise is extensive. We specialize in author appearances, lectures and screenings as well as conferences & conventions in the media and entertainment industry.

Transmedia can create state-of-the-art, clear and functional websites through a variety of end-user friendly softwares, that get your message across simply & effectively. We can teach you how to use your site or can manage it for you. We’re ready to help get your business online.


Your public image and relationship with your customers & clients is vital. Keeping your message consistent in appearance and tone is a key factor in reinforcing your brand identity. Transmedia can help keep your messaging on point to let people know who you are and what your business is all about.

Public relations

PRoject & event manaGeMENT


Making the right business development decisions at the right time is key. Transmedia will encourage you to test assumptions and provide measurable input before advising you on scaling your business. This is why the initial “assessment” we mention on the homepage is important. We will help you set up a framework for what to measure, examine the data, & help you set clear goals and objectives. We then develop a path to help you achieve your business goals. We can also advise you on prospective deals, help you identify false signals, and recognize deals and partnerships that are in line with your goals and in your long-term business interests.  

A strategic, well-matched collaboration can help both partners exceed their respective business goals, doing better together than they ever could individually. By effectively leveraging the complementary strengths of another organization, partnership marketing can make a significant impact on increased brand awareness, product distribution, customer acquisition and program funding.  Transmedia can help you find the right partners through our extensive industry contacts, one that really fits your brand.


content creation

Whether you're just starting out, or if your business is established and growing, Transmedia Consulting can help you define, develop & implement the marketing strategies you need to help take you to the next level. Our expertise covers the gamut from PR & promotional assistance, web development and social media management for arts-related small businesses and not-for-profit organizations,  to partnership marketing and business development for major companies in the media and entertainment sector.


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Press releases, marketing materials, ad copy, web content and social media posts all require  a specific approach, and should never be generic. Transmedia can help you clarify and craft your message into the right format for each platform while keeping you on point, unique and consistent.

Because sometimes you just can't do it all on your own.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Yelp...the list of  social media platforms is endless. Transmedia can help determine which platforms best suit your needs, set up your accounts with consistent branding and help you develop a Social Media strategy that will help you accomplish your goals and that works for your business. We can manage your Social Media for you or advise you which cross-platform management tools  will best enable you to effectively manage on your own.